I don’t know Barry, it looks quite utilitarian and sterile to me and not so modern or timeless as I would expect to label as “the most classic modern 20th century cookware design” I know the Danes, Germans and Swiss had some great desgins, as far as americans maybe not at that time. It won a good design award. It’s part of the Museum of Modern Art’s collection. Archibald Welden “Simplifcation and streamlining revamped many cooking sets and small appliances during the ‘s, but few redesigns were as carefully considered and thoroughly engineered as that of the Revere Ware cooking utensils, introduced in and in production virtually unchanged. The stuff nowadays have plastic handles and knobs, and the overall weight is much lighter. The only piece is seems out of date is the fring pans, because they do not have a non-stick surface. But I use the saucepans and stock pots I am going to run out to the thrift store today and picks some out!

Revere Ware Copper Bottom Pots and Pans

The line focuses primarily on consumer cookware such as but not limited to skillets, sauce pans, stock pots, and tea kettles. Initially Revere Ware was the culmination of various innovative techniques developed during the s, the most popular being construction of stainless steel with rivetlessly attached bakelite handles, copper-clad bases and rounded interiors for ease of cleaning.

Coinciding with new series introductions, cost-cutting measures were implemented in the manufacture of the traditional cookware. The bakelite handles were changed from two piece to one, and the thickness of utensil walls and copper cladding were reduced. Transferring of its aluminum production from domestic to overseas manufacturing marked the beginning of the end.

2 VINTAGE REVERE WARE 1 Qt Copper Bottom Sauce Pots Made In USA Revere Ware Copper Pots pans 4pc skillets sauce pan with lids Rome NY Clinton.

I don’t own the whole set, but one pot in the set. It quickly dented somewhat, though I think I handled it with care. Then I read online that these are not like the old ones in our home back in the day. Indeed they are not and a lesser quality. So I got a few of the older ones, used, on eBay. Meanwhile, I contacted World Kitchen, the manufacturer, merely inquiring about my experience and they immediately sent me out a brand new replacement pot.

That impressed me. They really stand behind their stuff. Since they were so kind to me, I gave it a try.

LET’S COOK: A ‘Revered’ cup of coffee

Restaurants and people with a lot of money used copper pans with tin lining, but it was expensive to re-tin. Tin is a very soft metal, almost as soft as aluminum, and a lining was just that, a thin layer inside the copper. Revere was the first to decide that stainless steel was the overall best material for a cooking surface, and spent over two years developing new production techniques. Finally they patented a stainless steel cooking surface, with an electroplated copper clad bottom for better heat distribution, and added Bakelite handles.

Revere never changed their product materials, although as years went by they used both thinner copper and stainless in their cookware.

Lot # Vintage Farberware and Revere Ware Pots and Pans, Metal Preview Date/Time: April 30th – Call Ryan on Monday for appointment

Note: If the following text overlaps the pictures, or the pictures are not at the right margin of the page, you need to enlarge your type size in your browser settings. Stove-top and oven-ware were typically heavy cast iron, copper, or bronze , while lighter tinware was used for kettles, cups, and tableware. Cookware was a later addition, coming after , and included skillets with heavy copper bodies, straight sides, and flat uninsulated iron handles.

Lightweight nickel or chrome plated tea kettles and coffee pots were also important products. These were made from multiple parts formed from copper sheet; soldered together, and finally plated with first nickel, and later chrome. Cookware then a minor facet of its business was assigned to the recently upgraded Rome Manufacturing plant in NY; which then became the headquarters of the Manufactured Products Division for Revere Copper and Brass, Inc.

Revere Ware Saucepan, 1950-1960

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The owner must follow the Safety and Usage Instructions provided with the product.

Newer Revere Ware has a much simpler logo that does not include Continue reading The Easiest Way to Get Your Copper Bottom Pots Shining Like New.

No, not that kind. I have had a life-long affection for pots and pans, sometimes bordering on emotional instability. Maybe it’s not really an addiction. Perhaps affliction is a better word. Have you ever bought a whole new set of pots that duplicated your existing sets of pots and, three days later – overwhelmed with shame – returned them, claiming it was a wedding gift and the bride died?

And so it goes. I have thrown pans against the kitchen wall in disgust. I have gotten up in the middle of the night, lovingly cleaned and reseasoned an old, neglected pan and put it to sleep in a cozy, warm oven. Once, but only once, I tried to kill a frying pan called the Perfect Omelet Pan for being imperfect. More about that later. When I was a kid growing up kinda in Connecticut, I started cooking at about the age of I didn’t cook with much sophistication.

Revere Ware Child’s Toy Miniature Set of Pots, Pans and Kettle – Full 6 Piece Set c. 1955

My husband and I have been married for 18 years. All the lovely gifts we registered for in are broken, obsolete or worn out. Our wedding china is in good condition because we rarely use it, but everything else is kaput. Back in , Brand X was the expensive new technology that every home chef wanted. But within the first months of cooking with Brand X, I realized that my pricey cookware had a lot of problems. Who knows how many chemicals were lurking in my cells, ready to pass on to my babies?

We have a Revere Ware Drip-O-Lator coffee pot from the late ‘s and the weight and build of those is so much better Revere Ware is the Coleman of pots, pans and percs. The set I have is dated 83 made in Clinton IL.

Chermain Street Clinton, Illinois U. Its copper-bottomed pots, first brought out in the s, are classic kitchen staples. The Revere Ware brand is estimated to have 25 percent of the U. The brand sells at both department stores and at mass merchants. One of the six firms in the merger traced its roots back to the famed American revolutionary and silversmith Paul Revere. Another company in the merger, the Rome Manufacturing Company, also had a lengthy history.

It had manufactured tea kettles and other housewares since The company manufactured copper pipes, bars, tubes, and sheets. Soon after its inception it was one of the largest copper manufacturers in the United States. At a time when most cooking was done in heavy cast-iron pots, researchers at the company attempted to make a lighter weight, easier to clean pot out of copper. The first Revere pots were copper with a chrome-plated inner lining. But this metal combination did not work well.

Though copper was an excellent heat conductor and light weight, the chrome lining was easily scarred by acidic foods.

Revere Ware Corporation

There are three saucepans with lids, a stock pot with lid, a fry pan and a kettle. The bases are all copper clad on stainless steel and the handles and knobs are Bakelight. These are exact replicas of what Mother would have had and many still do in her kitchen. All the pieces are stamped on the bottom with the Revere mark, although some of the stamps are faint.

My mom has Revere Ware “copper bottom” pots and pans that probably date from the late 50’s or early 60’s. She cooked dinner in them when I.

Prior to , Paul Revere was first a master silversmith, then a patriot general in the Revolutionary War. Revere began producing cookware in , when little thought was given to design, other than to make it functional. Stove-top and oven-ware were typically heavy made from cast iron, copper, or bronze , while lighter tinware made from several pieces of pressed copper which were then soldered together and tin plated was used for kettles, cups, and tableware. Cookware production then a minor facet of its business was assigned to the recently upgraded Rome Manufacturing plant in NY.

Initially however, they were difficult to adapt to the manufacturing methods of the time. Stainless steel was unsatisfactory as a cooking surface a poor heat conductor, it tends to burn food rather than cook it. Starting from a clean slate, priority was given to changes that would be of genuine benefit to the user, rather than merely cosmetic. A new cooking surface was needed — one which retained the cooking qualities of tin-lined copper, but with increased durability.

User comfort reduced weight and longer, wider handles and cleaning ease seemless construction, rounded courners, and rivetless construction were important. While research continued on the new cookware, the Manufactured Products Division continued to produce their existing line of cookware at the Rome NY factory, developing additional expertise in high-quality metal forming techniques. During this period, the basic designs for the future coffee pot and tea-kettle lines were conceptualized.

The Manufactured Products Division also produced a high quality line of Giftware products from until

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Set of pots and pans from Revere Ware, 5 pieces. Normal wear seen. Item Sold.

Each time a Brand X pot perished, I pulled out a piece of hand-me-down Revere Ware from the back of the cabinet. The pots and pans that my.

My mom has Revere Ware “copper bottom” pots and pans that probably date from the late 50’s or early 60’s. She cooked dinner in them when I was kid and still uses them today. After dinner the other day I was washing her pans and noticed how easily they cleaned up. Residue that might have required a little Bar Keepers Friend in my All-Clad came right off with very little effort with a blue scrubby sponge. I don’t know why maybe just made so well? One of the pots has gotten a tad bit warped on the bottom, not sure why, it’s the large sauce pan that I use all the time so maybe I’ve warn it out?

You can find it everywhere at flea markets and garage sales. Such a steal! They must have thought it was just some trash but it’s a treasure for sure! I love my Revereware, although I use a variety of pots and pans from other manufacturers too! Got the Revereware from my mom, who used them first. She got some Farberware to replace the Revereware she gave me when I moved out.

I have 2 Revere Ware sauce pans that were a wedding gift in They have out worn all sorts of stuff

Revere 10 Piece Copper Bottom Cookware Set Revere Ware Copper Bottom Kitchen & Dining – G2RW1QEIQ

Revere Ware Cookware is known for its decades of durable products and excellent customer service. They have a year warranty on all product defects, which is going above and beyond as far as most people are concerned. Once in a while you will need to replace parts of a pot or a pan, but overall they are very durable. After years of use, sometimes the Revere Ware Copper Bottom will need maintenance. This surface can rub or scratch off if treated badly, not maintained or used a lot.

You can find Revere Ware Copper Bottom pots and pans many places.

The Revere Ware logo found on these pots and pans includes the date to mark this occasion,Revere Ware pots and pans are widely collected and are.

Sixteen, almost seventeen, years ago, we received a set of Revere Ware pans as a wedding gift from my uncle. This is not a good idea. I submitted a note via the online form under customer care and received a prompt and pleasant reply. I told her the pots were over 16 years old, and I have no paperwork or warranty information. Could I buy a new lid from them? Revere Ware pans have a year warranty. I just had to inform them of my situation, and this positive, upbeat customer service representative took care of everything.

So many companies try to get out of their warranty obligations, I thought I would praise a place that went far beyond what I ever expected or imagined. I had a similar experience with KitchenAid. The little rubber feet under my big stand mixer, dating back to , were crumbling.

Identifying Vintage Revere Ware

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This stamp without a date with the “Clinton” stamp could have been produced from to Any cookware with “Riverside” printed on the.

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Revere Cookware Copper Bottom